New Mentoring Program Fosters Development Of Future Leaders


Together we are stronger!

A statement often used to explain the power of being a member of IACC!

In August this year, the new IACC mentoring program was launched and IACC career minded members have been registering their interest in this brand new global initiative.

IACC is delighted to announce the arrival of a mentoring program for members which will provide a program of support and development to members at key stages of their career; provide strong connections and lines of communication between IACC’s future leaders and knowledgeable ambassadors who will support the next generation.

Becoming an IACC Mentee

The power of the IACC community is considerable and holds a wealth of talent and knowledge within its ranks. Becoming a mentee will help you;

  • Develop essential leadership skills
  • Improve understanding of how the industry works regionally, nationally and globally
  • Prepare you for the next step in your career
  • Gain a holistic view of how a complete business operates
  • Develop your network
  • Boost self-confidence, communication, interpersonal and team working skills

IACC Mentors will pass on the considerable business skills they have honed over many years! The generosity and dedication of a network of mentors made up from a membership volunteer group will play a vital part in guiding career professionals, matching education programmes within and outside of IACC.

To find out more about IACC’s Mentor Program, download the IACC Mentee Introduction & Frequently Asked Questions Guide here

The IACC mentor program is available to IACC members with 12+ months of service at a IACC certified venue.
To find out more and register your interest in IACC’s Mentor Program, complete the online form here.

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