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IACC Certification in International Conference Venue Management

Conference venues represent a distinct, highly complex, and integral segment of the global meetings industry. Today’s conference venue managers face unique challenges and require the appropriate skills and training to succeed in a dynamic and changing business environment. Through this certificate, students employ a global lens to evaluate common business issues, including decisions about ownership structures and day-to-day operations; supervision of a diverse workforce in a service industry; ethical issues and risk assessment; business development, marketing, and positioning; the use of technology to modernise service offerings; and development of a strategic vision to ensure long-term success.

This certification, with 4 of the courses developed in consultation with NYU School of Professional Studies (New York University), recognises the significant career opportunities available to both seasoned industry veterans and individuals looking to begin their careers. IACC, working with NYU and other partners, has developed a curriculum that serves the educational and training needs of the global conference centre partner community. This certificate provides optimal learning and training opportunities and ensures that the industry cultivates and retains qualified individuals for this growing conference venue segment.

 2017 courses to be confirmed

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